What is the cost of testosterone replacement therapy?

The cost of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) can vary significantly depending on several factors:

Some typical price ranges incluse:

Testosterone injections:
$30-150 per month.
Includes drug fee plus provider administration fee

Testosterone gels/patches:
$200-500 per month.
Cost depends on brand and dose

Testosterone pellet implants:
$500-1,500 every 3-6 months.
Cost depends on dose and number of implants

Summary of Offerings at Hormone Wellness Institute:

Testosterone injections from $70 per month

Testosterone gels/creams from $250 per month

Testosterone pellets - $1299 for first year

Ways to Reduce Testosterone Therapy Costs

Final Thoughts

Testosterone replacement therapy represents a significant financial commitment given it is generally lifelong treatment. While costs can be high, especially for gels or pellet implants, the benefits provided in terms of increased energy, muscle mass, stamina and quality of life may be worth the price for many patients. Those struggling to afford TRT should speak to providers about lower cost programs and alternatives.

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