What is stamina?

Stamina refers to the ability to sustain prolonged physical or mental effort. It is a measure of endurance - how long we can perform an activity without getting too tired. Having good stamina is key for success in many areas of life.

Some signs of good stamina include:

While stamina depends partly on genetics and fitness level, there are things we can do to help build our endurance:

Exercise - Cardio, strength training and HIIT workouts boost stamina over time by:

Eat Nutritious Foods - Getting enough protein, healthy fats and carbs gives us:

Stay Hydrated - Dehydration can quickly sap energy and fatigue muscles.

Get Enough Rest - Rest days and good sleep help muscles regenerate and repair.

Reduce Stress - Chronically high stress hormones impair cellular energy production.

So in summary, stamina equates to enduring physical and mental energy. While genetics plays a role, focused training plus healthy lifestyle habits can unlock untapped energy reserves or get rid of that afternoon slump. Reach out to a professional like Hormone Wellness Institute if you still feel constantly drained despite your best efforts. With an expert assist, you may be surprised how much your stamina can improve!

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