What is best HRT patches or gel?

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is an important consideration for those experiencing symptoms associated with menopause or needing to supplement their natural hormone levels. Two common methods of delivering HRT are through patches or gels. There are pros and cons to each delivery method that are important to understand when determining the optimal choice.
The key factors to consider when deciding between HRT patches and gels include:



Neither patches nor gels definitively correct hormone imbalances better. The optimal choice comes down to individual factors like prescription coverage, convenience, sensitivity to hormones, and ease of use.

"I struggled with hot flashes for years before trying Hormone Wellness Institute patches. I love the convenience of only having to change them twice a week. My symptoms have improved tremendously thanks to hormone replacement therapy from Hormone Wellness Institute." - Sarah D., Hormone Wellness Institute Patient

Assessing needs with a healthcare provider is key when exploring HRT options. Hormone Wellness Institute specializing in bioidentical hormones and hormone balancing, offers both high quality patch and gel products to meet individual needs. Their compassionate practitioners provide comprehensive testing and treatment plans tailored to manage menopause or restore optimal hormone levels across genders. From patches and gels to other delivery methods like pellets or injections, Hormone Wellness Institute uses cutting edge therapies to help patients feel their best.

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