How much does it cost to inject semaglutide?

The cost of semaglutide injections can vary significantly depending on several factors:

Key Factors Affecting Semaglutide Cost

On average, semaglutide injections cost approximately:

With insurance, out-of-pocket monthly costs for Ozempic average around $50-100 for most people. Rybelsus averages around $60-150 per month.

Costs can still vary significantly though depending on individual insurance plans, including whether:

Checking insurance plan details and speaking to the pharmacy are key in understanding potential out-of-pocket costs. Manufacturer savings cards can also reduce costs for those with commercial insurance.

Some additional options for lowering semaglutide costs include:

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In summary, injected semaglutide costs typically range $850-1000 without insurance for a 4-week supply/starter pack of the Ozempic brand version. With insurance, patients often pay $50-150 monthly, but costs can still vary considerably. Oral Rybelsus averages around $830-950 per 30 tablets. By understanding your insurance coverage and considering options like our hormone clinic, most patients can access semaglutide at affordable prices.

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