PT-141 is the development code name for a peptide used as a medication to treat sexual dysfunction in both men and women. Also known as Bremelanotide, it is marketed under the trade name Vyleesi and is administered as a subcutaneous injection.
Bremelanotide works by activating melanocortin receptors which are responsible for sexual arousal and desire. By targeting these specific receptors, Bremelanotide can effectively treat conditions like erectile dysfunction and sexual arousal disorder.

Some key benefits of Bremelanotide include:

While quite effective, it does come with some potential side effects like nausea, flushing, and headaches in a small percentage of patients. It should not be taken with alcohol or blood pressure medications due to possible interactions.

If you have struggled with sexual health issues and think Bremelanotide may help, consider reaching out to Hormone Wellness Institute to learn more. Our caring medical team specializes in sexual wellness treatments like Bremelanotide and helps patients improve intimacy and enjoy fulfilling relationships again.

We provide customized treatment plans, including:

In summary, Bremelanotide (PT-141) is an exciting innovation in the treatment of sexual dysfunction. By activating key arousal pathways in the brain, it can help both men and women overcome medical issues that affect sexual desire and performance. Though side effects are rare, speak to your doctor or clinic like Hormone Wellness Institute to see if it may be right for your needs. There's no reason intimacy and passion can't be a wonderful part of life again.

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