What is a peptide?

A peptide is a short chain of amino acids linked by peptide bonds. Peptides are shorter than proteins but longer than amino acids. Peptides play many important roles in the human body.

There are several types of peptides:

Some key properties of peptides:

Bioactive peptides are peptides that have a physiological effect on the body. They show promise for health and may provide benefits such as:

At Hormone Wellness Institute, we offer cutting-edge peptide therapies to help patients optimize their health and wellbeing. Our highly-qualified medical team creates customized peptide treatment plans to target each patient's unique health goals.

We provide peptide therapies to help with:

Our clinic uses only the highest quality bioidentical peptides to support patients' health journeys. We closely monitor patient progress to ensure optimal outcomes from peptide therapy.

To learn more about the latest advancements in peptide treatments, schedule a consultation at Hormone Wellness Institute today! Our team is ready to evaluate your health and develop a personalized peptide therapy protocol to help you look and feel your best.

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