Low libido

What is low libido?

Low libido refers to a decreased interest in sexual activity and intimacy. This can affect people of all genders and is often tied to complex biological, psychological, and social factors unique to each individual.

Some potential causes of low libido include:

The impacts of low libido differ but may include:

If persistent low libido is causing distress, Hormone Wellness Institute provides compassionate care including hormone testing and custom treatment plans to help patients reclaim intimacy. Our specialized providers evaluate the unique root causes to determine the best therapies like bioidentical hormones, lifestyle changes, counseling, etc. We help both men and women.

Diagnosing the root cause of low libido is crucial for finding the right solution. Some questions to consider:

There are mixed views on what qualifies as a “normal” libido level given natural fluctuations. But if your lack of desire persists for weeks/months and causes you distress, consulting a doctor or sexual health specialist can help uncover why.

Be wary of oversimplified “one-size-fits-all” solutions. For example, while supplementing hormones like testosterone might help some people, it carries health risks if not properly dosed and monitored. Multifaceted counseling approaches address psychological aspects alongside biological factors supporting wellbeing holistically.

The good news is that for many, low libido can be improved through compassionate care from providers like those at Hormone Wellness Institute who develop personalized treatment plans suited to your unique needs. Don't suffer in silence - you deserve to feel like your happiest, most passionate self. Consider reaching out today!

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