Hormone deficiency

What is hormone deficiency?

Hormone deficiencies occur when your endocrine glands do not produce enough hormones to maintain optimal health and bodily functions. Some common symptoms are fatigue, weight changes, mood changes, and trouble sleeping.

Hormone deficiencies can negatively impact many aspects of health:

Causes for hormonal imbalances include:

If you are experiencing fatigue, trouble sleeping, unexplained weight changes, low sex drive, or other unexplained symptoms, you may have a hormone deficiency. The expert physicians at Hormone Wellness Institute specialize in hormone testing and hormone therapy to help patients regain optimal wellness. Their individualized treatment plans get your hormone levels balanced safely and effectively through medications, nutrition plans, and lifestyle changes.

Here are some key points about Hormone Wellness Institute:

Diagnosing Hormone Deficiencies

Diagnosing a hormone imbalance typically involves blood tests to check your hormone levels, along with a physical exam and discussion of your symptoms.

Some of the main hormone tests check levels of:

Your age and sex will determine which specific hormone levels your healthcare provider focuses on. They will check if your results fall into standard healthy ranges.

If a hormonal imbalance is found, determining the underlying cause is important for developing the best treatment plan. Endocrine disorders, tumors, injury, or other medical conditions could be negatively impacting hormone production.

Treating Hormone Deficiencies

The right treatment plan can help restore optimal hormone levels and dramatically improve symptoms. Hormone therapy options may include medications, supplements, lifestyle changes like diet and exercise, stress management, and treatment of underlying conditions.

Hormone Wellness Institute clinic specializes in safe, effective bioidentical hormone therapy customized to your needs. Contact their knowledgeable team today for a consultation.

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