What is endurance?

Endurance can be simply defined as the ability or strength to continue through difficult conditions. Some key aspects of endurance include:

Endurance comes down to physical capability, as well as mental stamina, emotion control, and a determined attitude. All these factors allow one to persist at tasks or withstand difficult conditions for a long time.

Why is endurance important?

Developing endurance has many benefits in life. Here's a few of the big ones:

How to build greater endurance

Want to develop your endurance? Try these evidence-based strategies:

Overall, having greater endurance allows you to achieve more, handle adversity, and boost health and performance. Put in the work to level up your endurance with smart training, fueling, recovery and mindset practices. Hormone Wellness Institute has the experts and technology to help analyze and support your endurance journey - reach out for world-class guidance. Now, what endurance goals are you ready to tackle?

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