Brain fog

What is brain fog?

Brain fog refers to feelings of mental confusion, forgetfulness, and lack of focus and clarity. It can make even simple tasks like reading difficult. Some key signs are:


There are many potential causes of brain fog including:


The good news is there are ways to help improve brain fog, such as:

Hormone Wellness Institute

If you think hormonal imbalances could be contributing to your brain fog, consider making an appointment with Hormone Wellness Institute.

Our experienced physicians provide advanced testing to check your hormone levels and create customized treatment plans involving bioidentical hormone therapy.

Balancing your hormones could help lift that fog and have you feeling mentally sharp again!

So in summary, brain fog involves mental confusion and cloudy thinking that makes concentration difficult. Contributing factors range from lifestyle to medical. Seeking treatment for root causes like hormone imbalances can help clear away the fog. Reach out if we can help!

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