Does BNOX have testosterone?

BNOX is a dietary supplement that some people take to support muscle growth, energy levels, and vitality. There has been debate over whether BNOX increases testosterone levels in the body.
BNOX contains several key ingredients:

So in short - BNOX contains several ingredients that are involved in testosterone production and metabolism in the body. But does it actually increase testosterone levels significantly?

The answer seems to be that it may provide a modest boost in testosterone in some people but results can vary widely. Several research studies on the key ingredients in BNOX indicate:

So in summary, BNOX may provide a modest short-term increase in testosterone in people who have nutritional deficiencies. But it is not a potent testosterone booster. It seems to work best in those with low testosterone levels.

If you have been diagnosed with clinically low testosterone by your doctor, prescription testosterone therapy is likely to be far more effective than taking supplements like BNOX. Hormone Wellness Institute specializes in all-natural bioidentical hormone replacement therapy to restore healthy testosterone levels in men and women. Our highly trained medical providers custom tailor treatment plans to meet your unique health needs. Contact Hormone Wellness Institute today for a consultation.

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